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Africa4Her 2018 is here #Africa4Her #YALINetwork | @YALINetwork

Each action you take to increase a woman’s access to equal opportunities in the workplace, a girl’s access education, and steps you take to eliminate gender-based violence benefits your community, country, and continent.

This year, let’s press for progress. We are thrilled to launch the 2018 edition of Africa4Her! This year Africa4Her is dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs by raising awareness of the challenges they face and empowering you to take positive action to address them.

But this isn’t just about women. Men play an important role in empowering, mentoring, and supporting women entrepreneurs.

Together we are stronger and together we can make progress, let’s start now! I challenge you to complete all three actions below:

  • Show your support for female entrepreneurs by adding a special Africa4Her frame to your Facebook profile picture. Click here to add the frame!
  • Make a pledge for progress and tell us how you plan to support women and girls this month. Once you complete your pledge you will receive a personalized graphic via email. Share it with your friends on social media using hashtag #Africa4Her.

Visit yali.state.gov/4her to learn more about ways you can support Africa4Her this month.

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