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Article: Heart ‘N’ Soul (Episode 1)

Heart “N” Soul

Therapy for stress, loneliness and heart break

 On today’s episode we will be talking to all the married mamalet in the house. In a simple topic that says  “Be the wife he married”.

often time ladies feel being a wife simply means the role you play as a wife should be limited to some certain things. Especially in this age of “FEMINISM”,
some ladies carry this idea of being a “feminist” to the extend they feel there are certain things they shouldn’t be doing at home cos of the believe.
Forget about this new age “feminism” rubbish if your man is hungry feed him, if the house is in a mess clean it up, if his cloths are dirty, wash them. if his pocket
is empty fill it up if you can. If he is sick, take care of him. If he had a rough day rub his back and give a message. If he is stressed please keep your complain till another time
and let him be, you can pray for him while you are practicing your silence.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of your man, don’t let those bitter unhappy and uncultured wives who have no idea of
what marriage is about tell you otherwise. Yes he is the head of the house, but you are also his helper for his high days and most importantly his low days

This message is not for lazy men, its for men who are trying but still struggling, it is the right thing to do for a good wife who wishes the best for her home. That
is why God called “a wife a helper”

Let love lead



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