By Sarah Sandra

The definition of success differs from person to person. For some people success is achieving straight A’s in their examination. For some people success is having met the right person to spend the rest of their life with. For some people success is owning a multi-national brand.

For some people success is being a source of welfare for others. For some people success is losing 10 pounds within a week. For some people success is having met their life long celebrity crush. While for others, success is measured by the number of good selfies.

 Everybody sees it differently! However, there is one thing that is found to be common amongst all of us; i.e. we are all humans living in the same world, with the same norms and standards. Therefor we face the same kind of challenges on our “Road to Success”.
Challenges on the Road to Success
 YOU are your biggest hurdle
Yes my friend, you heard that right! You are your biggest hurdle in the road to success. Nobody can stop you from being successful, nobody but you. The only person who can convince YOU to work harder is YOURSELF but that usually does not happen. We tend to get lazy and feed ourselves with thoughts like; “I can chill today and work hard tomorrow”. Unfortunately, success is not something that will be delivered to you wrapped in chocolate chips and served on a plate. It is the outcome of relentless hard work and determination. Your mind and body would want to get lazy, do not let it do that because when you let laziness get in your way, your success goes one-step farther ahead of you. Keep your motivation levels high, REALLY HIGH.
Do not shy away from Failures
Do not shy away from FAILURES; they are your best teachers. They guide you towards success. They tell you whether you are working in the right direction or not. They teach you lessons that no teacher can. They make you a stronger and a more determined person. The only drawback of failures is that they cause stress and most of us do not know how to get rid of stress. Do not let failures demotivate you and set you back. Instead, grab their hand to get back up. LEARN TO USE YOUR FAILURES. We usually tend to think of failures as our enemy, it is not. It is actually a friend in disguise, which is there to teach us how to rise when we fall. We need it but we do not want to encounter it again, so think of it as a frenemy.
Hard Work and Persistence is the Key to Success

Prepare your mind and heart to believe that hard work will ultimately result in success. Success will not come easy and that is why it is so important to us. Success that comes easy is not valued. Human psyche finds it boring and not worth it. Strive hard and harder to achieve success that can be valued later.
In addition, a day or two of hard work is not what harvests success, you will have to keep going until you are satisfied with the results. This will not be achieved in a few days or weeks, you might have to work hard for months. Sometimes you might have to keep going for years and years without really seeing any results but that does not mean you should stop working hard. Do not confuse success with results. Measure your success with respect to where you were yesterday and compare it to where you are today. Even if you are a step closer to your destination, compared to yesterday, consider yourself successful. If you are a more motivated person than yesterday, then consider yourself successful.
Learn to Love Yourself
You are the main role of your story, if you learn to love yourself, life will become a whole lot easier. It is difficult to be successful when you do not value your own self. When you learn to love yourself and value yourself, you will be able to celebrate your success better.
Set Objectives for Yourself

Make things-to-do list for yourself. This list will work as objectives for you. As you accomplish those tasks or objectives, double-check them. This will benefit you in two ways;
1.       Those objectives will act as guidelines for you and keep you reminded with what is expected of yourself.
2.       The feeling after accomplishing those tasks and looking at those double-check marks (is the best feeling); it boosts your motivation levels.
Work Out Every Day

Working out is our body’s necessity to keep healthy and happy. It does not just maintain our health but it also keeps our happy hormones rolling. It kicks out laziness and boosts your motivation levels. To increase your heartbeat via work out is beneficial for our body and a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Without a healthy mind, there is no way we can be successful. 
A Good Night’s Sleep
With a good night’s sleep, you are on your way towards success. A good night’s sleep steers clear of all the negativity from the past and keeps you highly motivated for a better future. With a good night’s sleep, comes new hope that “today will be better than yesterday”.
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