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Completely Automated, Web Based Facebook, Whatsapp and Email Marketing Software for Marketers & Agencies |

The Facebook section is a bomb.

With this section you will be able;

·        To extract Facebook group members Names, phone number, occupation, location, date of birth and email for marketing purposes

·        To send unlimited Facebook Messages to individual or group

·        To Extract page and post likers

·        To extract real emails and numbers by location or place

·        To send unlimited Emails (inbox) using .Ru mails

·        To join to all groups on Facebook by one click

·        To extract niche base groups and also their members database

1 pictures is better than 1000 words



What Does Bulk Whatsapp Panel Work?

 The Whatsapp Panel utilizes the power of artificial intelligence & data intelligence technology to give you a completely automated WhatsApp marketing platform. Using the advanced P2P channel sharing technology which emulates a normal user behavior on WhatsApp, you are able to bypass WhatsApp blocking & spam detection filters and continue running your WhatsApp marketing campaigns on higher numbers.

Our solution can help you scale and send millions of WhatsApp messages automatically using our robust, secure, and always updated end to end WhatsApp marketing solution.

It’s as easy as uploading list of mobile numbers. And clicking the start sending button. It can filters active WhatsApp numbers and allows you to find the right audience across the globe.

Best of all? WA Bulk Panel does this automatically using it’s advanced P2P WhatsApp channel automation. To imitate a normal user behavior to continue messaging without getting BLOCKED!


Easiest Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Automation Script

  • Send Millions of Automated Messages on WhatsApp
  •  Artificial Intelligence & P2P Channel Conversation System (For Emulating Normal User Behaviors)
  • Add Unlimited WhatsApp Channels (Powered by P2P Channel Network Creation System)
  • Change Picture & WhatsApp Sender Name of Each WhatsApp Channel (Campaign Wise)
  • Supports Text, Image, Video & PDF files

Whatsapp Channels Creator


Whatsapp Settings

Send Text, Image, Video & PDF files

  • Automated Bot Reporting System (For Admin, Reseller, and Users)
  • Complete Delivery Reports With Active & Inactive WhatsApp Numbers
  • WhatsApp Filteration Tool
  • TrueCaller Filter Tool
  • Reseller Referral System
  • Real Time Delivery Report & Campaign History
  • Free Lifetime Support & Free Upgrades
  • Our WhatsApp Channels Online 24 x 7
  • Channel Management System


                                                                                     Whatsapp Message Sending Interface


Message Sending Interface With Chrome


Whatsapp Message Sending and filtering tool


Email Interface

Our Email Interface is second to none.

With it, your email is guaranteed to enter you prospect inbox

Messages are sent with high speed

Price  $75

In case you are interested contact Sola on, 07061369895

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