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Ent News: Publisher of Bubbles releases 3rd Edition of INFLYT Magazine

 After ten years of creating premium music and entertainment content, the publishers of Bubbles Magazine has taken a detour and reinvented it as INFLYT, a travel, tourism and lifestyle magazine given out at airports and other travel hubs.

As the name might suggest, INFLYT is an in-flight magazine, provided for travelers across the Nigerian airspace.

According to publisher Gokay Oludare, “We were at the forefront of shaping the Nigerian music industry with Bubbles at the start of the millennium. We celebrated and shone lights on many of the world famous music artistes in Nigeria while they were yet unknown and we can safely say that our mission in that area has been accomplished.”

Drawing on their experience in media and publishing, they have created a first-rate publication to accompany air travelers through their flights. INFLYT contains features and articles from world class writers and journalists from all genres- travel, business, arts, entertainment, sports etc; as well as breathtaking photography.

“In Nigeria, over five million people travel by air each air and the spike has helped the travel and hospitality industry grow in no small measure, and the number of “transumers” (traveling consumers) has multiplied over the years. The best way to entertain all of these travelers when they’re airborne is by the way of a quality in-flight magazine that entertains as well as it informs”, says the Editor, Jide Taiwo.

The third edition of the new INFLYT Magazine came out today and is covered by The CEO, the latest movie by Nigerian filmmaker Kunle Afolayan. It also features several tourism articles, travel tips, sports, entertainment and so much more.

“The reception since our first two editions has been encouraging and we’re excited about the new opportunities tourism holds for Nigeria. It is huge and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface yet”, Taiwo concludes.

INFLYT is available at the local wings of the Murtala Mohammed Airport (MM2 and GAT1) and also at Nnamdi Azikwe Airport, Port Harcourt International Airport, Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport.

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