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Latest News: Tope Alabi-Radio Queen(AOP, AYM observer-USA) Exposes THE MIC Awards

I still have a vivid memory..of the first edition..where I got an award as the best female OAP in the state….it was of course an honour..good and impressive  turn out of event…and I remember when I walked into the hall the first thing I  said to the person beside me was  whaoo!!! I’m impressed.

Of course like it can happen in a first time event, I observed shortcomings like the delay in arrival of plaques,  but then the organizers proved that the award wasn’t a kangaroo thing…as I  remember  that my plaque was delivered to me few days after and I  confirmed others got theirs.
Sure they knew what they were doing and i concluded that well things can only get better, future editions will tell and of course for a first edition and knowing that I  hadn’t seen anyone come out to do something like that against all odds and challenges I couldn’t help but say..they tried..but like i said..i was anxiously waiting to see what will follow.
To my surprise I  relocated to Ibadan coz i got a new job and behold i got the news of  the mic 2. In fact I  didn’t need anyone to tell me this is the real big thing. I remember the organizers storming the media house i work….i remember chatting and also interviewing him (Godfather)…and within minutes..i couldnt but say to myself..if only..there were more people..who shared visions like this. I had the chance to get more in depth clue about the mic…
I remember it wasn’t even a one day or one night thing I  kept asking myself..is this not found be too challenging for the crew…..going to erin ijesha….the industry night  and then the grand finale…
But like they say seeing is believing.
I was very impressed..coz I know of anyone understands and have a deep knowledge of what showbiz is about   there is no way you won’t give kudos to the organizers..coz even for that environment o be able to work something like that out..its not easy…
I won’t forget the free hotel room, feeding, and the fun I  had, I ended up saying well if anyone think its easy or they should have done more I’ll be waiting to get an IV to witness something like that again…..I never got or heard of one close to such.
I cant help but say I  am proud that THE MIC proved it had come to stay and is still waxing stronger. I can only pray that the good lord will continue to strengthen the organizers coz a million time  i can say it…its not easy..I  am always proud of hard work and good initiatives kudos to them and i give my advise that…they shouldnt be buged about critics…coz life has taught me..

That most time..the critics are the ones who know the road..but can’t do the driving…most time they only confuse the driver.

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  1. @RadioQueen. True talk. i really had a nice time along side with Tunde Praise , Olumide Akinsanya, and you also . cheers

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