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Little About Risk


Life is about risk;risk is about life.

Every good or bad try is a risk:every risk should be a good or bad try

To me risk is one of the basic principles of life in time

Every sleep is a risk, you sleep @ your convenient time but unknown period. No 100percent assurance that you are going to wake, cus many are those that slept the same way you did and couldn’t make it back to lifeEvery going to school is a risk, no 100percent assurance that you are going to graduate @ that level of life you are.. had it been there was 100 percent probability, those that started the same time with you wouldn’t have dropped out or gave up the ghost

Every exam is a risk no 100percent probability that you are going to make it.If there was, those that did the exam same time with you wouldn’t have encountered such failure they had. Cus you are not the determiner of the marker’s life. Due to his own personal challenges. Sometimes his, might affect yours

Seize every opportunity to risk anything riskable if compulsory.

Note:- “set priority in risking things” in the other word.

“Risk things with priority”.

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