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Maxwell Adegbenro…the questions we need to ask.

I have taken time to follow closely the trend of event that unfolded about a Social Media Journalist (Maxwell Adegbenro), who is known for his damning posts on Facebook to support the APC in Nigeria.

He is known to have worked with political top notches in the APC ranging from Dr. John Kayode Fayemi while he was the Governor of Ekiti state to Senetor Remi Tinubu just to mention a few.

Hearing about him duping a woman to the sum of 500,000 and another woman of the sum of 300,000 has brought a lot of questions.

Trust me, I have taken enough time to listen to both sides and I cannot but see a civil case, betrayal and political blackmail written all over the story (I stand to be corrected).

First, let’s ask ourselves, how can a woman be possibly so dumb to pay a man so she can marry an already married man? The person that came up with this lie should be hanged…that’s so lame.

To pay a man who claims to be the younger brother of an already made man (Fayose) when they don’t even bear the same last name is the peak of stupidity, and Lere Olayinka who to every succeeded him in office as Special Assistant New Media and further known as rival.

Secondly, before you come and start throwing useless jabs at me, I’d like you to help me answer these questions…

1) Who’s the source of the picture of Maxwell in handcuffs?

2) Was Maxwell Adegbenro arrested outside the police station? Or inside the station when he had already gotten there?

3) Did he (Maxwell) by any chance resist arrest?

4) How did a matter of we are dating, gave and/or borrow, I can’t marry you, then return my money suddenly turned to duping and all sorts?

5) Who took Maxwell’s Picture?

6) How did Maxwell get to the Police Station where the picture was taken?

7) What was the reaction the DPO in charge of the station where the picture was taken when he got hear about the matter?

8) Where is Steven Kehinde Ayeere,  a native of Ifaki, corporal with service number (withheld) and what happened to him after the news of the picture getting online got to the DPO of the station?

According to what I learnt, the lady in question who claims to be duped *willing* gave Maxwell the money, where is the ‘duping’ in this matter? This is a relationship gone bad matter and please must we add politics to even a young man’s personal life?

If he likes, let him date 200 girls and collect money from all of them, how is that anyone’s ish?

Did Maxwell deny not collecting money from the lady? Did the lady not agree to giving Maxwell the money?

Let the truth be told and let’s stop all these political higihaga for sake of our coming generation.

Why did Steven contacted Lere Olayinka first when Maxwell his supposed friend was reported at the Police Station,  why Lere his perceived enemy?

We don’t have to politize every issue. Maxwell issue started the day he decided to romance a PDP sympathiser (or you don’t know), we have evidence of all his munched statement in support of Fayose).

Maxwell is stupid and gullible to me, he allows himself to be played deep down. He trusted his friends and said too much and I am sure he has learnt his lesson that not all ‘gifts’ are from a plain mind, some are meant to be an anchor to hold you down.

Maxwell, what you won’t eat…don’t sniff!!!

The day he openly declare to run for election in 2019 sometimes in April,  I know he is in for a fight.  He has spent his entire life criticising PDP.

Those ladies calling for his head  now were his former flings,  girlfriend or what?  Of course,  who no know they are bitter Maxwell dumped them to settle for another woman. Come to think of no one have even seen his wedding picture. What a shame!

There is a difference between a criminal and civil case.

Let the trust be told!!! We should all wake up.  The ball is in Maxwell court if he fails to file a suit against the said Steven Adedamola Ayeere that betrayed him because I believe the lady in question wants anything other and favor(s) she did to Maxwell and should be free of anyone chastisement.

And to the ‘Publish Happy’ bloggers who are in search of traffic… Please, be more professional. Before you go ahead and publish information, kindly ask both parties questions and use your head while doing so.

My opinion please!

Felix Dada.

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