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Movie: Dabby Chimere starts the year with Faith

Faith [stontmedia.com]

It’s really no dulling year for sensational Nollywood film director cum producer, Dabby Chimere, as she kicks 2017 with a soul-touching movie, Faith, starring fair-skinned actress, Oma Nnadi as lead act.



Co-starring Dan Ugoji, Victoria Egbuchere among a few others, while written and directed by Dabby Chimere, and produced under the stables of Dabz Movie Productions.



What becomes the heart of a woman who accepted her wrongly diagnosed health?



According to Faith’s synopsis, Ify as played by Oma Nnadi found herself in a state where her husband abandoned her, due to the fear that she has cancer, and as treating her will make him bankrupt, he had to flee.



Based on a true life story, Ify’s faith is tested in the process of having an abusive husband, a failed business, add to a terminal illness.



How strong is her faith in God? Dabz Movie Productions makes it possible for all to watch the complete movie under their online platform for free: https://dabzmovies.com. The writer, Dabby Chimere went further to note that early detection of breast cancer can save one’s life.



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