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Few months later, Jemima and I were became best of friends. We practically did everything together, but I never passed love advances at her.

I wanted to take everything slowly by not rushing her.

The good news is we gained admission into the same tertiary institution and I am super excited- I can’t believe I will be leaving my parents in some couple of weeks to journey into a strange land and more like another world. I had mixed feelings of sadness and happiness.

A night before I left home, my parents called me and talked to me at length, my dad said “we are sending you to the university where you will be on your own, please you know we love you and we are ready to give you everything you demand for, so don’t disappoint us, ok?”.“Ok dad, I have heard everything you said.. My mum chipped in her advises too and afterwards I got the biggest surprise EVER- I was presented a brand new car by my parents to aid my movement in school. I could not believe my ears, no wonder my dad told me few months ago to learn how to drive, I was very happy I ran down stairs to see my new ride, I quickly placed a call to my bestie Jemmy and broke the news to her and she was very delighted.

The next morning, my dad volunteered to drop myself and Jemmy in school using my car. When we got to the school gate, I was marveled by the crowd I saw, I glanced through and saw a lot of new beautiful faces. My dad dropped us at the gate and he went back to the park to take the next bus home.

I helped Jemmy to look for a nice lodge she could stay, since we both agreed on not having roommates. After she had unpacked, I went ahead to look for mine and it was not really that far from hers.

As i was unpacking my stuffs in my room, I heard a knock on my door and I went to open it- then I saw this beautiful lady standing right in front of me.

She introduced herself to me by telling me her name, which is Linda and she lives next door. I told her my name because i was pleased to meet her. All She did was to stare at me and giving me seductive looks, various questions kept popping up on my mind like who is this girl? What is she up to? and What does she want?………….

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– Written by Nifemi

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