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My next Neighbor Episode 4

School registrations lasted for a whole week and it was very stressful.

Lectures had commenced and it’s been really tiring and because of this, Jemmy and I didn’t see as much as we wanted, but at least twice in a week, we  get to see.

Linda keeps my company  and cook for me whenever Jemmy isn’t around. I must say she is a very nice person. I introduced her to Jemmy and they got along quite easily. Even though I avoided getting too close to Linda, I didn’t let her notice it. I was really beginning to think on asking Jemmy out on Valentine’s day which is ten days away, so that Linda will stop whatever feelings she is building up for me.

I decided to tell Linda to see her reactions.

We were together one evening, and i broke the news to her- “Linda, there is something I want to tell you”. “Ok Ray, I am all ears, she said”. “ Jemmy and I have been friends for a while now and I’ve got real feelings towards her- I want to ask her out, what do you think?”. Linda paused for a while before answering me “Well, Raymond you know what is good for you, so go for it” was all she said. I was not really surprised at her reactions, I ignored her and changed the topic so as to lighten up her mood. I noticed her countenance changed. She started ignoring me, stopped coming to my place and lots more but I decided not to be bothered about it until Jemmy gave me her answer.

Its valentine’s day, I am so excited and scared at the same time because I was going to ask Jemmy out, two things were crystal clear, its either she says Yes!!! or she says No! but I really hope she says yes because I think she has feelings for me too. I took Jemmy out on a date to a very nice restaurant in town to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After we finished eating, I took the bull by the horn by asking Jemmy to be my girl friend, and then she replied by saying “Ray, we have been friends for a very long time and I have enjoyed every single moment we have spent together but I don’t see us in that space you want us to be, am sorry I don’t see us as lovers,  infact I just see us as siblings”. I was dumb founded and speechless, it was like I was dreaming, could this actually be happening to me right now? the only person I truly love just turned me down, what is going to happen to me now? Where am I going to start from? …….


– Written by Nifemi

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