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My next Neighbor Episode 9


I hardly slept throughout the night, I was just thinking about what Linda told me, how could one mistake I made lead to an everlasting one. I started thinking about what I am going to tell my parents, how they will feel and how disappointed they will be. Am still in my first year and I have a lot of complications already, I couldn’t eat and I wasn’t concentrating on anything. I decided to stay off school for awhile to cool my head.

At about 1pm Linda came to my place, I wasn’t happy to see her because to me she’s a bad luck but as it is now I don’t have a choice rather than to listen to whatever she has to say. “Ray, what is going to happen to us now that I am carrying your first child?” As much as I hate the thoughts of that, I just couldn’t help but answer her and then I told her that there is nothing left to do that she is going to have the baby and then we will do a DNA test to know if the baby is truly mine.

Then I noticed her countenance changed but I ignored it and then she said “Ray, you are the father of my baby but before I agree to your terms, I want to meet with your parent first, I cannot be carrying their first grandson and they shouldn’t be aware of it, never!. She “

I looked at her, let out a dry smile and thought within myself; it’s like this girl is crazy, she wants me to introduce her to my parents so they can die of heart attack, no way! Not until I have done the DNA test. So I told her that whether she likes it or not, I am not going to introduce her to my parent until the DNA test proves positive.

She stood up and said whether you take me to meet your parents or not, I will go and introduce myself to them, she said this and then stormed out of the house. I just stood there looking like a fool, how on earth did she get to know my house and how on earth am I going to face my parents and explain to them, OMG! This girl is a witch! And just then I received a call and when I checked the caller ID it was my dad number.


– Written by Nifemi

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