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Wow!, it’s  my wedding  day!! but looking  at the rain falling right from my window reminds  me of what happened few years ago, the incidents that occurred, my decisions, the pain, the joy and laughter still linger in my memory….. ……… ………

My name is Raymond Adams  but my parents and some close friends prefer to call me Ray, even though I wasn’t initially cool with it but I eventually  learnt  to accept the fact  that  I couldn’t stop them  from calling me that. I was 19years at the time, processing  my admission  into one of the federal  schools because my dad never really liked private universities. I was the only male out of three  children with the rest being two girls who weren’t in Nigeria, making me the only one staying with my parents save for the house helps. Oh!  I forgot  to mention that  my parents were very rich (they still are) and they provided  all a child ever wanted, they were very good parents and they never hesitated to reprimand me whenever I was found culpable for any wrongdoing. Anyways enough  about me already, We live in garden  city  estate and everything  seemed perfect  until…….. ……  … … ………

Ray! Ray!! Ray!!! My mum yelling my name from downstairs  jolted me back, I quickly ran down the stairs to meet her because she hates when someone  is too slow. “Good morning mum” “Good Morning son, we have a new neighbor now, someone already bought the house next to ours” she said “Oh really”, I exclaimed “. “yea, they came here earlier to introduce themselves, very lovely  family, we agreed on hosting them to dinner today, so go get dressed” she responded “Alright  mum” was all I could mutter. I just didn’t know what mum was up to, she had never been really that nice to somebody and my mum really likes keeping to herself unlike my dad…………………. to be continued…..


– Written by Nifemi

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