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If you are not following the story read episode 1 here.  It was almost 6.30pm when we heard a knock, I went to open the door and I saw four people and I quickly made my guess : The father  and mother, a boy of about 12 years and OMG! A damsel, gosh this girl was (she still is) gorgeous. Well, I quickly composed myself and ushered them in………….

Fast forward to the dining table… My dad was the first person to break the ice, “you are welcome to our humble abode, my name is Adams, this is my wife Eunice and that is my son Raymond, my two daughters are currently out of the country”.  “Thank you sir, their father replied, My name is Johnson, that is my wife Juliana, my son James and my daughter Jemima and we are all pleased to meet you”. All this time they were doing the introduction, I never paid attention; I was just staring at the shy, cute damsel sitting right in front of me who apparently didn’t notice me at all.

Everything they were saying was like bitter soup until my Mum said “Ray, show Jemmy round the house”. I was very happy as I led her straight to our beautiful garden; we had different collections of flowers because Mum loves flowers a lot. Jemmy was amazed at what she saw and I just had to give kudos to my mum one more time for what she had done. We sat in one corner of  the garden  and we were silent for awhile, so I decided to break the ice.

“Jemmy, I guess you don’t talk much”. “I do, but we are just meeting  for the first time  and you know first impression lasts longer, so I don’t want  to be too forward or sound like a talkative”, she replied.  “Oh I see, so tell me about yourself” and she said “well,  you know my name already, I’m 18 years old and she went on and on but the sweetest  part of it was that we were processing  the same higher institution. we talked for about an hour before my Dad called that  her parents were set to leave. I got her cell phone number and promised to call her that was how it all started……….


– Written by Nifemi

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