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Septuagenarian seeks dissolution of wedding over quality

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“My husband is just feeling that i’m going out with alternative men as a result of he is aware of he’s too recent on behalf of me, in fact, i’m acceptive the divorce since he needs it,” she said.

 A 73-year-old man, Augustus Iyaka, on Friday pleaded with an Ojo Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his 21-year-old marriage to his wife, Augustina,36, for alleged infidelity.

Iyaka told the court that Augustina, who had three children for him, was involved in extra-marital affairs with several men.

“My wife, whom I brought in as a sales girl in 1994, and later married because of her dedication, has abandoned her matrimonial responsibilities, by staying away from home without any explanation.

“In fact, she no longer has any feelings for me or concern for the children; it got to the extent that my last daughter accused her of doing ‘waka waka’ meaning, aimless outings,” he said.

According to him, he believes that his wife has found solace with some younger men.

“How can I remain with a woman who steals my money, buys motorcycles and gives to other men without my knowledge, she can kill me before my time, am already having health challenges.

“So, I pray the court to dissolve the marriage, before I lose my life,” he said.

Augustus said the woman was obviously fed up with the union and her refusal to remain faithful and peaceful was a proof of that.

However, the respondent, denied the allegations by her husband, saying that she stopped working for him and opened her own bead shop, where she stayed out late.

“My husband is only feeling that I am going out with other men because he knows he is too old for me, in fact, I am accepting the divorce since he wants it,” she said.

The president of the court, Chief Joseph Ogunmola, however, advised the husband to take care of his health and allow peace to reign, considering his age.

The court adjourned the case till Aug. 31 for further hearing.

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