Date: 28th October 2017,

Venue: Obj Hall, AAUA.

Target Audience: Tech enthusiasts, Developers, Entrepreneurs & Others.


Developer Festivals, also known as DevFest are large events run within or across Google developer communities. These events focus on community building and learning about Google Technologies, platforms & products. They attract large numbers of developers and tech enthusiasts within the radius they run.

This year DevFest will be hosted by GDG AAUA in the South-West region of Nigeria, comprising of four collaborating chapters: GDG Akure, GDG Ado-Ekiti, GDG Benin and GDG Eksu.

The focus of this year’s Devfest will staple around diversification of content. Every technology is essential and trending in its own right. Ranging from New trending Technologies like TensorFlow, Android Thinngs to Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Android and Web all round technologies for UI and UX Design, It all comes down to creating the right content for the next billion users.

Women Techmakers will equally be represented with a collaborative and interactive fireside chat by the Women Techmakers host from each chapters, red-carpet interviews, games and many more exciting stuffs.


Everyone interested in attending GDG AAUA Devfest should expect a series of technical content tailored for the target audience. They will also benefit from a project show case, swag giveaways and a chance to meet some of the greatest minds in the tech industry at the moment.

*Meet Awesome people around you* : You get to meet a lot of inspirational people, you will find yourself around a lot of people having similar interests.

*Networking* : Connect with Google expert and tech experts* around the nation and more

*Get to know about new technologies* : New technologies is what fascinates every developer, I especially enjoyed that part of the event you will get to know about new languages, frameworks, have an hands on experience with some languages or technology.

*Discover yourself*: You will be able to see where you stand among your peers. This will help you to get a direction wherever you will proceed in your career.


*Awesome goodies* : I got a slick T-shirt, Stickers, Notepad and some cool goodies so even if you are a complete beginner at least you get these stuffs.

*Awesome food*: Guess what we have got BreakFast and Lunch for you. Awesome food, nice tea break session in the morning and superb lunch at noon and conducted in a reputed place. So you will find a way to satisfy your tummy as well.


● Internship Job

● Student Ambassadorship

Also, Since so much networking happens in GDG DevFests so there is a high probably that you bag an opportunity for yourself. (Pro tip/Sneak Peek: Get in touch with the organizers.)

This will be a wonderful experience as whole, you will definitely learn a lot from an event like this, so in future if you get an opportunity don’t miss out, do attend GDG DevFests.


FEMI Taiwo @dftaiwo

· Google dev expert

· CEO Inits

· Lead Organizer GDG Lagos

· Google Cloud expert

HANSON Johnson @nextdeegit

· GDG Mentor Nigeria

· CEO Startup Innovation Hub

· Organizer GDG Uyo

ADA NDUKA Oyom @kolokodess

· Community Relation Manager @Findworka

· Founder, She Code Africa

· Article Writer (Technical and Non-Techinal)

ABATI Adewale @Ace_Kyd

· Developer Advocate @ingression

· Open sorcerer

· Community builder

IBRAHIM Oluwadamilare

· Enterprise solution developer

· Cloud expert

· Works at Wragby solutions limited

· Core interest in Web APIs

CHARLES Odili @ochaluwa

· Program designer @Andela

· Former SSA GDG manager @Google

· Started GDG Benin

IJAWARE Tomiwa @e911miri

· Machine Learning Expert

· Data Analyst @Mackenzie

· Started GDG Akure

CHRISTIAN Nwamba @codebeast

· Javascript Evangelist

· Open sourcerer

· Community lover

USMAN Abiola @Abiola_Usman

· User Experience Designer @FlutterWave Inc.

· Content Writer

GINO Osahon @Ginowinne

· Developer Evangelist

· Lead Organizer, GDG Port Harcourt

· Centre Manager for Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub, Port Harcourt

· Advance Android developer


Meet Our Partners


1. @Ingressive LTD

Ingressive is a tech integration firm, that invests in local startups, expand business operations or reach the African tech-enabled consumer.

Join Ingressive in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana or South Africa to integrate into Africa’s top tech ecosystems.


· Internship job

· Student Ambassador for each chapter

· Provision of stickers and coupons for github at the event

· Swags/shirt

2. @Loggcity Inc

Loggcity is a business consultancy and digital agency, registered in Nigeria and UK with branches in 3 countries Nigeria, UK and India.


· Recruit Interns and student ambassadors.

· Provision of stickers, notebooks, pens, tshirts and many more swags.

3. @MyPadi

MyPadi helps students to book hostels and find roommates online in few clicks.

Since 2016, MyPadi has been changing how students find hostels in Nigeria.


· Recruit amazing students into the campus ambassadorial program

· Offer internship opportunities to the participants

4. @Accounteer

Accounteer is a cloud accounting solution for SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) with a strong focus on Africa.


· Internship

· Swags/Shirt, Notebook, Pen and stickers

5. @StartHub Innovation

This is *Developer Festival*

Learn, connect, share and create.

Credit: Seriki Adeola Esther @seriki_esther

Victoria Erogunaiye and Lateefat Olaide

Special Thanks to @Google for making this happen.

More pictures after the Cut

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