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True Life Story: Should I Confess or let Let go as my conscience won’t stop disturbing me

  I am 26 years old. I got married quite early at 22 and I have two kids. Early last year my husband
and I had serious issues ranging from lack of respect, infidelity to financial challenges which led to our separation in Feb last year. Fast forward four months after our separation, I met and reconnected with an old friend online and one thing led to another and we had s3x.

I really thought I liked this new guy, I was carried away, but I lost interest immediately after the encounter and stopped seeing him. Since then I have been alone taking care of my kids. Even with a lot of men flocking around me. Fast forward now almost a year after our separation my husband
is back and he wants us to settle our differences and get back together because of the kids and he has also promised to turn a new life.

The problem now is that I am feeling really guilty and dirty for sleeping with someone else. A
part of me wants to tell him and another part of me don’t. Please what should I do? Truth is I still
love him and want to go back to my Home. I don’t know if telling him would make him change his
mind or affect his decision. I never thought we were going to get back together. I have been
having sleepless nights. need your advice please..

This is a true life story of someone who really need your advice to make her home a happy home.
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  1. On Issues like this your best friend should be your creator, call upon God and He will answer you.

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