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Yoruba Youth Summit 2016 – STAND FAST YORUBA YOUTH

Stand fast, Great Yoruba Youth
Together we can promote our land and  culture, northerners stand
One in the faith that makes a mighty land,
True to the bond you gave and will not break

And fearless in the fight for conscience’ sake!
Against the Giant Robber clad in steel,
With blood of trampled Easterners on his heel,
Striding through Westerners to strike you down at las
Avenger attack ,stand fast!

Stand fast, brave Yoruba Youth of Land
The Huns are thundering toward the citadel;
They Prate of Culture but their path is Hell;

Their light is darkness, and the bloody sword
They wield and worship is their only Lord of unity
Yoruba youth stand fast
Let regain our stand through the Progressive youth

Oh land where reason stands secure on right,
Oh land where freedom is the source of light,
Oh land where Knowledge is the path to trend
Against the mailed Barbarians’ deadly blast,
Yoruba Youth, stand fast!
Stand right!

Stand fast, dear Yoruba Youth of our land!
Thou island mother of a world-wide race,
Whose children speak thy tongue and love thy face.

Their hearts and hopes are with thee in the strife,
Their hands will break the sword that seeks thy life;
Fight on until the Teuton madness cease;
Fight bravely on, until the word of peace
Is spoken in the Yoruba tongue at last,
Yoruba Youth stand fast!
Yoruba Youth stand right!

We expect ALL the Six(6) states in South west zone,the youth
Embrace the Ocassion
All road to IBADAN on the 19th of August 2016,Lead City University,Maximum Security Guaranteed.

OMIDAN Yoruba will be chosen by The judges and the Audience.


Ticket Available with ME

*1000k* for Student
*5000k* for VIP
*10.000k* for VVIP
*50.000k* Table for four.

Call Oh’strong for your ticket





Voice of Yoruba Youth;Promoting Our Rich Cultures and Traditional Values.

Be There

Don’t Miss it.

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